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The Depressionistas

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The Depressionistas

Like minded and mining their influences from the archives of 80’s, 90’s, Goth, Folk, Post-Punk and Hard Rock, The Depressionistas reside in the juxtapositions in melody and aggression, embracing the contrasts in song.


Gallows humor and resolute in vision, The Depressionistas were born in a pandemic, making art while the world shut down. Covid circles and late nights default when everything’s stopped-and yet, there suddenly was the time. Time necessary to explore without pressure of public eyes or public consumption. Turning a moment of distress and uncertainty into opportunity for focusing on what is relevant, The Depressionistas turned to making music to reflect that.


From first meeting through mutual friends online, to collaborating in person, The Depressionistas worked out songs around backyard firepits and winter cold rehearsals in a coffee supply warehouse. Pooling their individual talents and bringing in the brilliant people, the incredible talents of Bronson Tew, and Teri Untalan. They journeyed to record in the deep south at DialBack Sound Studios in Water Valley, Mississippi and back to Portland to Singing Sands Studios -the adventures have continued, as a hesitant world continues to open up- shooting video along the Washington coast, neglected cemeteries, empty warehouses, every aspect of The Depressionistas is about seizing the moment, even in dark times.

Michelle Muldrow / Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Jarrod Kenney / Guitar, Bass

Moushumi Ghose / Vocals, Guitaritar, Vocals

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The Depressionistas

The Depressionistas

The Depressionistas
The Sun By The Depressionistas

The Sun By The Depressionistas

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WHEN NIGHT FALLS - The Depressionistas

WHEN NIGHT FALLS - The Depressionistas

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